HARALD BALDR BIO: I’m a Norwegian classical liberal who’ve resigned from my country of birth due to irreconcilable differences with the authorities over how they run things. I’ve not entirely ruled out moving back to Western Europe again some day in the future but consider it highly unlikely. The continent is too heavily steeped in serfdom for that.

Therefore I’ll most likely continue to be a citizen of the world. I’ve visited more than 70 countries since I left Norway in 2000. I’ve both seen and done a lot of crazy things since then. I cover a lot of them in my weekly podcast. My blog tend to cover more serious topics whilst my YouTube channel contains a lot of travel videos. I try to depict the world as I experience it. That means no rose colored lenses!


My greatest interests are individual freedom, politics, economics, women, travel and investing. If I’m not at the gym or on the road I’m always reading or working. My aim is to create a community of likeminded people who share the same interests and spread the ideals of the enlightenment to an audience that aren’t necessarily overly anxious to learn about them.





What’s up with the name Harald Baldr? I don’t get it! Are you bald?

Harald Sigurdson was a Norwegian Viking King 1046-1066 A.D. As a teenager he left the country, becoming a mercenary in the Roman Emperor of Constantinople’s infamous Varangian guard. He participated in the sacking of more than 60 cities in what is modern-day Syria and Israel. Amassing shiploads of wealth during his service in Byzantium, he eventually left to marry the Ukrainian daughter of Yaroslaw I of Kiev.

Sailing home to Norway after near 15 years as a warrior he was the country’s possibly richest man. With blood from a royal lineage already running through his veins, he ultimately manoeuvred his way to become King Harald Hardraade, literally hard reign, indicating a merciless attitude towards domestic enemies.

He died in 1066 attempting to take the English throne, which his Norman cousin William the Conqueror eventually did a few months later. Charging bare-chested in Berserkergang, wielding his sword with both hands, at the battle of Stamford bridge, he took an arrow straight to the throat. Not bad at age 50 nearly one thousand years ago. I’ve always taken inspiration from his will to venture into the unknown, going all out, with little fear for the potential negative consequences.

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Baldr in Norse Mythology is the son of Odin and the brother of Thor. You know, the guy with the hammer. I chose it simply because it sounds better than other mythological surnames. Plus he was the God of love, peace, light, justice and purity. Not a bad resume I think we can safely conclude.

Do you write all the articles? Yes, I do, unless otherwise stated.

Hey Harald, I want to ask you…..? I answer all questions asked by podcast subscribers. They can also request future episodes on their chosen topics.

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