1. Norwegians can say whatever they want

… unless it’s

A) something negative about the welfare state
B) ‘Norway‘, not followed instantly by ‘greatest country of all time’

Truth in Norway rests on these pillars of unquestionable validity. Welfare in particular is that great myth which underpins everything else.

Speak out against it and your job is on the line

Your friends and colleagues will disavow you and whisper in the hallways about that nutter who doesn’t understand facts handed down to people by their benevolent government.


2. Your money is not your money

If it were, you and only you’d be entitled to know what’s in your bank account. Instead, each year Norwegians are sent a selvangivelse. Essentially a written statement where the State tells people how much wealth it knows they’ve accumulated, proving once and for all they’re keeping full tabs on everyone’s net-worth.

If all your assets aren’t accounted for, you better correct it. Or norwegianmoneykronerelse! To ensure compliance, these lists over how much everyone earn and save are made public online and in newspapers. That way everyone can keep track of everyone else. All in the name of financial freedom and honesty of course as no Norwegian dare call this spade what it truly is;

A financial dictatorship keeping tabs on its property, i.e. YOU

Everything Ola Northman falsely believe is his, really belong to the community, which is nothing but a sad euphemism for the State.


3. Norwegians are 80% slaves to the government

Most of the world agree slavery was an abomination. Imagine those terrible years in Louisiana and Alabama when cotton pickers had 100% of the fruits of their labour confiscated by their ‘owner’. The slaves had no salary and everything they produced went to the plantation.

Luckily in plantation Norway Inc., people are much freer as they only give up 80%!

That’s the share of your earnings that go directly to the government in one shape way or form of taxation or is lost indirectly due to bureaucratic inefficiencies. Norwegians are so free they’ve finally figured out keeping no more than 20% of what they actually earn is freedom incarnate. Go liberty!


4. It’s illegal to be yourself

As the race to maximum freedom tightened post World War II, other countries started raising their taxes to Scandinavian levels. As they caught up with Norway taxation wise, we had to up our game. The solution came in 1965 when we fully outlawed self-ownership. To quote a friend:

It has since 1965 been highly dangerous for peaceful humans who claim full sovereignty over their own bodies to reside in Norway

  • Think you can walk around with white powder in your pocket? Say hello to your new prison cell
  • Think bringing 100k cash whilst shopping is a good idea? Enter money laundering accusations
  • Think you can grow a plant in your bedroom? Not if a policeman walks his drug sniffing dog past your apartment building and decides to break into your flat without a warrant because it’s in his power to do just that

All common occurrences as reported in Norway’s most read newspaper VG.


5. Privacy doesn’t exist

Upon landing and entering Norway’s main airport passkontrolgardermoen
Gardermoen, you’ll see the government’s secret agents loitering around giving everyone the evil eye before they’ve even lined up for passport control.

Why everyone have to go through this ridiculous charade to enter the country is beyond me, seeing as Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans without papers simply waltz right through. Said border checkpoints must thus exist solely to illustrate to Norwegians who’s boss.

They are nothing but a crude brute show of force, the purpose of which is to remind you that you have zero privacy and your business is the State’s business

As all your belongings are searched whilst your whereabouts and activities abroad are questioned, it’s an eerie reminder of the fact that someone else has the ultimate authority over your life. I could add to this police searches of students in middle school or being dragged to court for violating the holy national bacon quota when driving home from Sweden, but hopefully the point has been made. Privacy is dead in Norway.


6. State organized highway robbery is legal

A  few weeks ago a young gentleman thought it’d be a good ideatollregningnorgekeyboard to order himself an American keyboard online. He thought wrong! His order came out to NOK 438 total for shipping and handling from America.

What he forgot to factor into the equation was the government’s highwayman who had yet to appear on the scene.

Once the Norwegian customs commissars had had their way with his shipment, it now cost NOK 987!

Customs charged 549 kroner (about $60) to surveil, open, tamper with and double the price of his keyboard. If this isn’t robbery I don’t know what is.


7. Norway is not a Democracy

Norway is a fearocracy where people are kept in line by fairy tales. People could in reality cast a ballot for political parties vowing to create a freer society. Sadly such parties don’t get very far as the press immediately accuse them of wanting to create American conditions (Amerikanske tilstander).

Since few things are scarier to a Norwegian than American conditions, although no one knows exactly what that would entail, they continue to vote for Norwegian conditions

The police state thus perpetuates itself through fear-mongering which keeps voters who entertain ideas of real individual freedom forever in a tiny electoral minority. Quite ironic, seeing as America the great boogeyman itself is about as left-wing, authoritarian, anti-capitalist and tyrannical as the land of us Vikings.


8. Most brainwashed citizens on earth

Mention any of these facts you’re now aware of to another Norwegian and he’ll grow red with fury. He’ll subsequently launch into defensive mode and run through a checklist of pre-rehearsed phrases every citizen know by heart come primary school. It includes phrases like:

  • If you don’t like it you should move! As if you don’t have the right to live as anything but a socialist.
  • The UN says Norway is the best country in the world! Yes, when the criteria is 5th grade reading skills and likelihood of losing an arm in combat, that may be true. For individual freedom that’s clearly not the case.
  • This blir for useriøst as I’m older than you! Plus this sounds racist and ignorant so you must be a bigot who hate women, worship America and this debate is over! As if name-calling, America bashing and invoking the old age equals wisdom fallacy somehow makes you wrong.


Right now you’re probably shaking your head in disbelief. You’re in shock! So is the Norwegian police state’s hero and socialist role model:


6 reasons never to date Norwegian girls

  • Geir Dalene

    Spot on babyboy!!!

    • Geir Dalene

      Fuck that shit country hahahaha

      • Tord-Viljar Husebø

        You mean The USA? or saudi arabia? What shit country are you referring to? pretty rude to tell the americans to fuck themselves just because they’re not as lucky as us norwegians 😂

  • mick

    Applies to almost every western country. No wonder people are so wound up and angry.

  • Snow

    This is a really misleading and subjective article. No one should believe what is written here

    • Harald Baldr

      Thank you for proving point #8

      • Mikey666

        Really exaggerated but not completely untrue. For example the example from Onar Åm has some central caveats regarding what you classify as your money. Neither, car, alcohol or gas is really necessery. “Arbeidsgiveravgift and Sykepenger” and income tax has to be counted in. What else do you really need? You need about 2K worth of food every month. 13 or 14% tax on food. You need electricity either you rent or own. If you own a normal sized house with a mortgage you actually get tax exceptions. So on and so on. The minimum amount has been computed to around 50%. So 50% (still too much) of what you earn is your money to spend. If you want to spend it on products that increases you total tax at a high rate like owning a car, drink a lot of booze or smoke heavily it is entirely your choice.

        Number 4, 5 and 7 are bullshit. As in all western civilisation we have probable cause rules and hard drugs are deemed unlawful due to it destroying lives and increase crime and murder. We do not have perfect privacy or a perfect democracy. No countries has that, not even Switzerland, we are however in the top 10 in the world at these criterias.

        Number 8 is becoming increasingly true unfortunately, however, the most increasing problem is that no one cares anymore. We see the wrong trend, but every little freedom limiting law being passed has some positive arguments behind them. It is when we gather them up the the problem is clear.

        • tlyng

          Even if other countries are “just as bad” on certain points it does not automatically validate them. It only mean that there are several countries that are screwed. Unfortunately it seems like fewer and fewer actually understand what freedom is.

        • OttoMaddox

          Argued by a Leftist.

          • Mikey666

            Well, you couldn’t be farther from the truth as I am a member of the liberalists, the party whom Onar Åm helped built up. That is gonna be embarrasing huh? Being ideological and having my arguments based on facts (me) and being ideological and stupid (you) is a hugh difference.

          • Mikey666

            Hahaha, first time anyone has told me I am a leftist. Usually people call me a liberal right wing nut.

      • Snow

        Number 8 is a perfect example of a statement that can’t be falsified. Either you agree to the article or you “prove” statement 8. Therefore it’s a metaphysical statement with no current scientific evidence

    • Arild Ronkurson

      Ha ha. You are the perfect example of number eight.

      • Snow

        And number 8 is a perfect example of a statement that can’t be falsified. Either you agree to the article or you “prove” statement 8. Therefore it’s a metaphysical statement with no current scientific evidence

        • Harald Baldr

          Someone’s trying to talk over others by using some big words, yet still avoiding the topic. Smooth!

          You’re dead wrong. #8 simply means that people name call and throw out useless phrases i.e. “this is bullshit”, “it’s wrong” instead of actually arguing against the facts presented. Once again you prove #8 right

          • PeeWeeMadman

            But you yourself have not explained what really is the problem? “Freedom” is not a goal in itself, only happiness is. After all, you cannot eat freedom. Also, it is obvious from your photos that you are a sosiopath, so if you are unhappy with a system that is really just a good argument for that spesific system.

          • Harald Baldr

            oh name calling. Awesome! Thanks for once again proving #8

          • PeeWeeMadman

            But what if the name calling are actually true? The fact is that libertarian theory is so stupid that no adult, except some with milder forms of autism, will actually believe it. Therefore, discussing libertarian ideology has no point, because nobody really believes it anyway. The fact is that libertarians are either sosiopaths, mentally retarded or suffer some form of brain damage. The issue must therefor by default be the person rather than the ideology.

          • And what we get in return when we try to explain where the business cycle comes from — it isn’t greedy people; who could be so mentally stunted as to consider that an explanation — or why some countries are richer than others, or why the poor suffer the fewest deprivations in the most market-friendly societies, is a rehash of some textbook bullet points from seventh grade. Libertarianism requires independent thought, not mindlessly repeating government propaganda. That’s why it isn’t for everyone. It takes work and serious thought and study.

          • Harald Baldr

            My favorite author is here. Starstruck!

            Agreed Mr. Woods, but independent thought is sadly not anyone on the left’s favorite pastime.

            Only people who care to examine the facts regardless of how many others subscribe to them can ever become Libertarian.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Libertarians are totally brainwashed. At least here in Norway, every single libertarian do nothing but repeat Ayn Rand, Ron Paul and a couple of norwegian “gurus”. They know absolutey nothing about history, have never heard about the depressions of the 19th century or the social conflicts of that period.

            People suffer the fewest deprivation not in the most free market but the most social democratic countries. The rankings from Cato and Heritage Foundation are fixed to show the most developed countries in the world as the most free market. In reality, they have managed to rank every single welfare state in the world amont the 50 freest countries in the world. and some of the most generous welfare states in the world are even in the top 12! Such a rubbish statistic have no value in a debate about social democracy versus libertarianism whatsoever.

          • You obviously know absolutely nothing about Libertarianism. I’ve lived in Sweden. When I did, I constantly showed the problems with the system. Those problems are getting worse since I left.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Any system have it problems, only that libertarians just close their eyes for their own problems. Or rather, think that people starving to death or work for poverty wages are just the good sides of the system: Let the poor lazy bastards get what they deserve and all that stuff.

            The problem is free trade. When the welfare state exists in a system internationally that is optimized for libertarianism, off course problems will arise. It worked a lot better before 1990 when competition for low wage countries was limited, so I want to erect tariff walls around the western world, and maybe send a couple of nukes against tax havens as Singapore and such.

            Also, I think that some problems in welfare state are because the libertarians there sabotage the system. We need to remove all libertarians from finance, law, as leaders of companies and any other position the can have influence. We should also mass sterilize libertarians/sosiopath on a grand scale to improve the genetic makeup of the populace.

          • Absolute nonsense. We’re not utopians. We don’t believe in perfection. We believe in letting people make their own decisions. We don’t believe central planners can do it for them.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Libertarians are some of the worst utopians there are, or so they pretend at least. No, you do not want to let most people make decisions. You only want to let the people with a high value on the labour market make their own decisions. The rest will simply not have the economical resources to make any meaningfull decisions.

            I would rather claim that libertarians are either sosiopaths, liars or people suffering from midler degrees of autism/aspergers.

          • Oh, that’s so cute that you are so deluded. We never speak in terms of utopia. That’s a Marxist socialist construct. We deal in Freedom and probabilities.

            And as for only wanting “people with a high value” making their own decisions is idiotic. Freedom is freedom and is for all.

            The last paragraph goes beyond idiocy. Can’t wait till your socialist utopia collapses around you.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            You are a total idiot 🙂 I did not claim that I wanted only to high value people to make their own decisions, I claimed that libertarians want that… Also, the welfare state is not an utopia, but a compromise. Libertarianism however is the special interests of one single group, the upper middle classes in the private sector, and fuck everyone else…

          • No shit, Sherlock. I was quoting your idiocy. And you double down on stupid. Marxism talks about utopia. NO LIBERTARIAN WOULD EVER DO THAT. We don’t believe in it. Only idiots like you socialist libtards do You’ve been indoctrinated in your government schools far too long that you can no longer actually think rationally. What a moron.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Actually, Karl Marx was an opponent of the welfare state, because he thought it made workers content with scraps from the table of the rich. Also, I think that libertarians are bastards because of their genes, a notion Marx would despise, because he thought that only the environment, not genetic heritage shaped people.

            I do not see what is so rational about libertarianism? I think utilitarism is true rationality, not the stupid natural rights religious garbage of the libertarians.

          • Harald Baldr

            Spoken like the true tyrannical dictator you are

          • PeeWeeMadman

            As I am a strasserite national socialist, I rather take that as a compliment 🙂 I am tired about this liberal and tolerant shit. I want the people who disagree with me to be lined against the wall and shot or preferrable crucified(Since libertarians are so few I see no reason to not have some fun while finishing them off), and in contrast to most other people I actually admit it 🙂 Just as you want the people you disagree with to starve to death, only you are to pussy to admit it.

          • Harald Baldr

            At least you’re honest. I’ll give you that

          • Jan Johansen

            Oh, have you become a strasserite now!? Hm, still crazy after all these years & slip sliding to the left. Last time around you told Norwegian newspapers you were a dedicated follower of the Labour Party (Arbeiderpartiet).

          • PeeWeeMadman

            I think that violence or a form of threat of violence is the only thing that will make the elites listen to ordinary people. Both immigration and free trade are direct results of the elites not fearing the populace anymore. The elites have brainwashed the masses with pacisifism because as long as the masseas are pacifist, they are safe.

          • I’m done. You’re too stupid for words. Oh, wait. You’re Norwegian. You know why Swedes put their garbage in clear plastic bags? So Norwegians can go window shopping.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Yeah, you really have not presented any form for arguments whatsoever. It is rather: “Hey guys, I am a libertarian, so I am really a tough and macho guy even though I am a nerd with aspergers syndrome”.

          • Oh, poor, deluded boy. You’ve offered nothing You just call us names. All I have to do is point to numerous examples from Tom’s podcasts alone to dismantle your spurious claims. I lived in Sweden. I could see the disaster. Socialims always fails. Eventually you run out of other people’s money.

            But, the one thing that was obvious, Norwegians are compliant people. You’re like good little citizens. Listen and follow your overlords. Childish.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            You claim Sweden is a disaster, but have given no concrete evidence why? Just vague general assumptions.

            I would rather claim that it is libertarians that are compliant. The working conditions and wages for the poorest in the USA or even better South Korea og Singapore would never have been accepted in northern Europe. Also, all libertarians seem to have about the same ideas on everything. You find a GOD like Ayn Rand, Ron Paul or Murray Rothbard and blindly follow them in everything they say.

          • http://tomwoods.com/podcast/ep-338-did-sweden-succeed-because-of-government/

            I’m not a fan of Ayn Rand. Ron Paul is smarter than you’ll ever be on these issues and Rothbard was a genius.

            Freedom is the goal. Norway is not the destination. Wait till the crash. You’ll find some other prevarication then.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Please write, I do not bother to listen or to watch some libertarian propaganda. Actually, last time we had a small government system in the western world, almost everyone wanted it abolished in the end and not even the elite wanted to keep it because of the fear violent labour conflicts sparked. Yes, even in the states you had several occurences of actual shootouts during labour conflicts, so a libertarian society will also come crashing down in the end. But the end will come with violent class conflict rather than economic collapse.

          • Man, you really are a Lazy Lefty. You don’t want to do any work. I handed it to you. If you are unwilling to take the time to listen to a brief podcast, you are beyond educating. I will not write it. Tom and his guest are much better able to explicate this issue. It is their job to do so. Take some initiative. God, how lazy can you be?

          • PeeWeeMadman

            The problem is that your source is libertarian propaganda, and nothing close to be unbiased or neutral in any way whatsoever. I have the impression that libertarians are people that are unable to read books, and therefore get all their ideas from Youtube videos and Podcasts. If you are on any forum, it is mainly libertarians only that link to Youtube videos. Everyone else are usually capable of formulating their ideas and opinions in their own words. This only confirm that libertarians have no ideas themselves, they only copy their gurus

          • Wow, you are so beyond typical, it’s almost as if you’re making misjudgements on purpose. But I fear that it has to do with your indoctrination. I broke away from religion as a teen. Became Libertarian shortly after. It’s my iconoclasticism that lets me read these things rationally and dispassionately.

            You’ve been indoctrinated in this liberal hive mind. I look at the world differently and more logically. So do my fellow Libertarian THINKERS. You will not listen to nor will you read these things because you fear that when your insanity is proven, you won’t know how to deal with it.

            As for reading books, I have read all of Tom Woods’ books. I’ve read most of Tom DiLorenzo, one of Robert Murphy’s. All of Judge Andrew Napolitano, and should I go on??? Rothbard. DeToqville, Keynes, Stossel and so on. You continue to make fallacious arguments. One by one, I knock them down. You then double down on stupid.

            I gave you videos because they will make it easier for your stunted liberal mind to assimilate. I can lead you to the books, but do you have enough money left over after your Libtard overlords have raped your welfare check? Or do you have a paycheck? I bet the former. I could be wrong.

            I do what’s called research. I could take time from making a living (writing) and write a paper refuting your entire life model, or I could give you the sources and you could do what I did. But I know you won’t.

            So, get you head and your thumb out of your ass and stop being stupid. Oh, forgot. You’re Norwegian.

            LEARN.. Or stop replying. I am tiring of your nonsense.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            You claim to be logical and rational, but give no arguments whatsoever about why libertarianism is so damn logical and rational? And I have read quite a lot of the philosophy of Ayn Rand and Robert Nozick, and a bit about Murray Rothbard and Von Mises. Seems you read a lot of lowbrow libertarianism like Stossel, the guy that ran to the police as soon as a wrestler slapped his face. He certainly thought it was fine to run to “father state” when somebody was a little bit mean to him. You also mention Rothbard, and he actually proposed that libertarians should cooperate with nazis! “Redneck outreach” he called it. Let the rednecks kill a few nigger and gays as long as they accept the free market. Sounds like a nice trade 😉

            Also, the fact that you need to accuse your opponent of going on welfare says a lot about your total lack of arguments.

          • Told you. I’m done. You’re beyond hope. A smart man knows when the other person is too obtuse to be educated. Goodbye. Please stay in Norway. Don’t ever infect anyone else with your disease.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Still no arguments… You claim to be rational and all that, but no arguments whatsoever.

          • Are you brain damaged? Don’t answer. We all know.

          • http://haraldbaldr.com/6-reasons-never-to-date-norwegian-girls/ That is so funny. And mostly, from what I’ve seen, true. And you’re nuts.

          • Harald Baldr

            I second your motion

          • David Triana

            Speaking of closing there eyes…http://www.nationaldebtclocks.org/debtclock/norway

          • PeeWeeMadman

            But you forget that the norwegian government runs a surplus when all debts and asset are combined. Anyway, the pressure on public finances are because of economic globalization, and because of that I think that free trade was basically not a good idea in the first place. On the other hand, “small government” states like USA, Singapore and Japan also have a lot of debt, so you can question the relevance for this discussion.

            And still, what about the large social and political problems in the western world before the welfare state? What about the rampant racism and racist violence in the United states during the gilded age? Why do you miss shootout between labour unions and the company stooges?

          • David Triana
          • PeeWeeMadman

            Yeah, and under libertarianism government will be nothing else than stooges for the corporations. We saw that excellently under the 1800s when government really did little else than start wars and attack labour activists and anyone else interested in reducing the power of capital. Also, countries with a lot more government than the US also have a lot less people in prison. The United States have more than ten times the amount of prisoners per capita as the nordic countries.

          • David Triana


          • PeeWeeMadman

            Yes, I know libertarians do not like democracy.

          • David Triana

            WoW! Did not know that 17 million germans during WW2 were “libertarians”

          • PeeWeeMadman

            The fact that libertarians do not like democracy does not mean that everyone that hate democracy is a libertarian. Libertarians have that in common with nazis, communists and islamists.

          • David Triana

            You keep ranting about libtards. Did one steel your girl friend or something?

          • PeeWeeMadman

            No, it was a social democrat that did that. I hate libertarians because God told me they are evil 🙂

          • David Triana


          • David Triana


          • PeeWeeMadman

            Why do you post this as a reply to me? I absolutely love guns! I want everyone to own a gun! I actually want subsidized assault guns to the poor! As I see it, poverty is a result of the poor not owning enough guns. The best would be to give everyone a nuclear bomb. If every human being owned their own nuclear bomb, we would instantly get utopia because nobody would dare to piss someone off ever again!

          • David Triana


          • beard681

            LOL. It is those who place some economic “system” enforced by state control over the individual who are the sociopaths. All progress comes from the striving of individuals not from committees of government toadies who only care about climbing up the civil service ladder to retire on their fat pensions.

            The only thing authoritarian governments are good at are making war.

  • Stem Rødt!

    I’ve never seen so much bullsh*t in an article. We live in a democracy where we can feel safe and we have free education and healthcare, don’t complain!

    • David Triana

      Please refer to #8. You don’t even know what “Democracy” is my little Euro Socialist Slave boy.

      • PeeWeeMadman

        Libertarianism is actually anti democracy, that it want the nation to be governed by the law, not the people.

        • David Triana

          Where did I say I was a “Libertarian”?

          • PeeWeeMadman

            Because only libertarians are stupid enough to use the rhetoric you used. Anyway, I know that you have an expression for libertarians that hate gays and black people, conservatives, but I still think they are the same shit as libertarians. American conservatism is anyway not real conservatism at all, but a kind of proto-libertarianism that have allowed to survive even though it was obsolete a couple of hundred years ago.

          • David Triana

            Nope, try again. I’m a fucking ‘conservative” as well? LOL!

          • David Triana

            You are an amazing person. You don’t know who I am or what I believe yet, You talk so much crap about “Me”. But please, go on telling me who I am. I got the pop corn already made.

          • PeeWeeMadman

            I see in your debate history that you constantly whine over stupid liberals and socialists, so guessing you are libertarian or quasilibertarian/conservative is not far off.

          • David Triana

            Just went threw my debate history, Can’t see where you would draw that conclusion. Feel free to enlighten me.

          • David Triana
    • tlyng

      Free education and free healthcare? What planet are you living on? We got extremely high cost for education. If you truly believe in “free education” it litteraly mean that you believe in holding slaves! And btw F U. F U for violating my rights as a human being. F U for making forcing me to pay for wars. F U for reducing my capability to actually deal with problems I identify in the society by removing most of my economic freedom. F U for forcing my 3 year old daughter to pay for this circus! F U.

    • Arild Ronkurson

      When you pay 50% tax, is that free education and healthcare in a democracy?
      How about the democracy: We had times when a skateboard was forbidden. Jet ski and so on.Yes Norway is a democracy. Soon to be taken over by the Muslims!

    • CloudTiger

      Is that a red star? Fucking Commie slave. We will complain and then you will have us destroyed in mental hospitals… because that is what scumbag Commies do.

      • PeeWeeMadman

        Actually, libertarians and their children could need a stay in a mental house, or preferrable just be gunned down as the sosiopathic garbage they really are.

  • brisie

    http://www.manipulism.com is a great book that exposes NPD within these countries.

  • Arild Ronkurson

    Well, I did something about it. Instead of go crazy bananas I moved out. Out fucking Europe. There is no balls and no guts left in the Norwegian people. Hasn’t been since the last viking.

  • Bjørn Dahl

    Pulpit rock. Yeah, thats the only way out.

  • Harald Baldr

    Yes and you proved 8 right by ignoring what it states and doing exactly as it predicted i.e. refusing to stay on point or answer any facts from the article.

    There’s plenty of supporting evidence for 4, 5 and 7. No one have rebuked those points by anything but ad hominem and name calling. Read article again.

    • Tord-Viljar Husebø

      Ehm he did in no way prove 8. He just came with a valid argument. You’re firing at straw men and avoiding his criticism because you have nobproper answer…

      • Harald Baldr

        Absolutely not. 8 is not a statement that can’t be falsified (his claim after initially just writing “this is bullshit”, which he has since deleted).

        8 predicts that people will do exactly what he did, name call, say move to USA or divert the topic. That’s exactly what he did by saying it cannot be disproved.

        #8 simply predicts a behavioral pattern all individuals who disagree with the article have followed

        • Tord-Viljar Husebø

          Well afterwards there was actually a proper criticism. i didn’t read his first comment, but that is irrelevant. i want to read your answer to his comment 🙂

          8 is a statement that cannot be falsified.

        • Tord-Viljar Husebø

          and i can perfectly well understand him because we have all tried to discuss these kinds of things with you web-trolls, but you are so narrow-minded you refuse to learn anything anyways, and it’s such extensive work to explain to you how you have become bigoted, how the sources you use etc. are wrong etc. etc. I usually don’t pick up these sorts of discussions because you never learn from it anyways so it’s no use. I am open minded, but people like you can never present good enough and valid enough information to discuss properly even. Of course people tire from it and the shortest, easiest solution is to write “this is bullshit”. We get mad at you for even thinking this bullshit, and we can’t be bothered to discuss it because you won’t actually open your eyes to new perspectives anyways.

          • Harald Baldr

            lmfao, you’re so funny and delusional you should be institutionalized

  • Mathiss

    From 1-8 is correct. The tax for a company is 51% and 25% VTA and 15.4% for employis. +12% on salery for extra Holiday money and insurance for health and for retaiering…so its correct its not mutch left.. the State and Union takes a Big peace of the cake…Norway is the last Bolsjevik State as the Swedish fianceminister said it.

    • Nils

      You shouldn’t talk about things you know nothing about.

  • Bjorn Curley

    20% short of outright sharecropping/slavery. Apt analogy..

    • Harald Baldr

      Making people believe serfdom is no more simply because they can vote in new autocrats every four years is possibly the greatest con ever pulled

      • PeeWeeMadman

        And people that work for minimum wages that it is impossible to properly live off or south korean or japanese workers that are homeless even though they work is really “free” in your version of the world? The division of labour makes everyone dependent on each other. Libertarianism only makes it much easier for those with the most “market power” to exploit those with less power.

        • You do realize that even those minimum wages — which 97% of Americans earn higher than, and which minimum-wage recipients themselves rarely earn for more than a year (were you thinking of pointing any of this out?) — yield a standard of living higher than anyone in the history of the world was able to enjoy? And you think the worst suffering in the world is in South Korea and Japan? How about the redistributionist regimes in South America and Africa? Care to examine life there?

          • PeeWeeMadman

            No african country is really a redistributionist regime. Their leaders may claim so, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with the truth. Also, you ignore human nature. Wealth is relative, not absolute.

  • Frode Løtvedt

    Yes, speak out about it and even your family and friends will turn on you. Civil commitment rates to psychiatric hospitals in Norway are among the highest in Europe. If you’re not happy they’ll put you behind bars to protect the happiness of others. In Norway women run everything, and children belong to the state.

    • PeeWeeMadman

      So it is better in the United States where they simply let the mentally ill rot as homeless people? Also, the high rate of spree and serial killers in the US clearly provet that there are a lot of people there that should have gotten mental care that do not.

      • Frode Løtvedt

        You can’t have freedom without dissent. Mental disorder come from suppression, judgement and restriction but you can’t give mental care to disordely people while the political elite practise The Cremation of Care.
        Humanity is dead, we tried it but the only way to redeem this world is to give generously to the poor and needy while we live with them. Living on the streets is a living testament to people that care about others a lot better than themself. They need shelter, clotes and money, not mental care.

  • Peter Alvsvåg

    I am from Norway. And i agree totaly. I am so sick of this country. You may think that this country is a great one but you can’t do shit other than go to school (if you come in) and if not, then you are doomed to fish your whole life. Norway is a bad, unstable country, Live somewhere else, this place sucks.

    • PeeWeeMadman

      So where is it any better? See how much you earn in a country like the United States, Chile, Japan og Singapore if you do not bother to go to school…

      • Arild Ronkurson

        I live in Arizona. I moved out of the communist country Norway. I don’t make just as much as in Norway but have about the same to live for maybe more and I have only 9 years of school. We have insurance and tax but it is still less than all the tax in Norway. And I don’t have to wait in line for hospital. They don’t rip seats out of the cars, the gas is cheap 1,89 a gallon. And they don’t give a crap about the horsepower. I have 390 hp and it is still cleaner than a vw tdi clean diesel. Someone tell me why they take the seats out of van’s and pick-up truck’s so it can’t be a safe family car? Hmmm Control freaks.
        And the best of it all: 350 day’s of sun year around. Two hours to the snow. I love the states.

        • PeeWeeMadman

          Off course some people can live decent lives without education most places, but statistically your education is much more important for your income in the United States than Norway. And that about the hospitals are a debate totally on its own…

    • Kjell Arne Kristiansen

      Er jo bare å flytte! Sverige?

  • PeeWeeMadman

    I think that point 1 is an outright lie? Can you mention any example of that actually happening? What is “illegal” in the nordic countries is to save anything negative about immigration, but I have never seen that happening with people that are negative of the welfare state. Actually, I would rather claim that the people who want to abolish the welfare state get to much space, certainly in Sweden and Denmark, compared to what a tiny proportion of the population they actually constitute!

    Also, the thing with taxes being slavery is really crap. When you are a slave, you are forced to work and do and not do certain things regardless of what you do. In Norway however, everyone could chose to be a slave driver rather than slave! They can simply do this by stop working and go on welfare instead. This however, does not prevent the large majority from actually preferring work to welfare. This means that they actually prefer being a slave to being a slave driver! When it is preferrable to be a slave rather than a slave driver, you have made a definition of slavery that has nothing in common with what “normal” people view as slavery!

  • Kristian Stave

    Oh my god! This is to funny! First up who wrote this? Norway a policestate? 80% tax rate? VG is the ultimate superpower? If somebody belive s this pls contact me! I would love to have a talk whit you!

    • Anders Jørgensen

      takk.. trodde jeg var alene her

  • Walter Melon

    So go then if dont feel right, living in our home.
    Quote; AIC

  • guest

    Best joke article ever!

  • DigitalDaniel

    I suggest whoever feels like Norway is such a terrible country to live in should try to live in other countries for a couple of years, then come back and see if it’s still terrible. Until you’ve actually done that you’re just acting like an spoiled, entitled child. Wake up, there are MILLIONS who would take your place in a heartbeat if they could. And they probably deserve that spot 10 times more as well.

    Oh, and the Norwegians on an average got a good economy. So the taxes argument doesn’t hold up for most people.

    • Harald Baldr

      I’ve lived around the world since 2000 and for every new country I discover the more tyrannical I realize Norway truly is

  • Nero Atlas Storm

    I see satire isn’t for everyone lmao

  • Kjersti Nyhagen

    Great satire. Because it IS satire, right? Because this is a load of bullshit xD

    • Bent Rune Hamsund

      it is?

    • Lars-Ahmed

      Right ….”verdens beste land å bo i” …my ass …

  • Tord-Viljar Husebø

    This is pretty entertaining to read! I like your humor 😂

    • Harald Baldr

      Take your pick. I have many 😉

      • Tord-Viljar Husebø

        Browsing them now 🙂

      • Kristian Stave

        I’m just checking to be sure but this isn’t serious?

        • Harald Baldr

          Dead serious

          • Kristian Stave

            And you get this from where?

          • Harald Baldr

            Get what?

          • Kristian Stave

            This information. Claming things about the bordercontroll, saying Norway is a policestsate and so on

          • Harald Baldr

            I’ve been through border control at Gardermoen at least 30 times and can spot the agents in civilan clothing from a mile away. They’re even outside as soon as the airplane doors swing open. See for yourself the next time you arrive.

          • Kristian Stave

            I will, but for the record i work whit defense in the norwegian millitary and mi field of expertice is airports. There are no government agenets masked as civillians watching you when you come for a visit. They are from private corporations doing reecon for their company on byuinghabbits, convorsations subjects and so on to gather for their company.

          • Harald Baldr

            I regret to inform you that that’s simply not true. No corporation is doing market research as people walk out from the airplane or queue up for passport control. No one is buying anything there.

            I will film this and the possible altercation that ensue the next time I land at Gardermoen just for fun.

          • Kristian Stave

            This is the perfect blend between insane conspiracy and hillarious paranoia!

          • Harald Baldr

            I would say the same about your ‘market research in the airplane tunnel” theory

          • Kristian Stave

            I’m paranoid beacuse I don’t fear my own government or private corporations?

          • Harald Baldr

            You’re hilarious as you think customs/PST agents assessing passenger’s threat level in the airplane tunnel and passport queues are employees of companies doing market/product research.

          • Kristian Stave

            It’s my job to have that control

          • Pemba Sherpa

            dude…..reality looks different.
            They single out by profiling based on criterion used by police states….they call it random checks though which is hilarious ish.
            All governments are fascists in one way or another….

          • Kristian Stave

            You lost me at all governments are facists

          • Pemba Sherpa

            i guess..

  • Roar Kuksrud

    I unfortunately read all of this, and wasted most of my time, so I will make up for it by making a post.
    We all see people say both negative and positive things about country, depending on their own personal connection to the country. You will always find something weird about laws in EVERY country, but if you look deeper in to them, there is always an explanation. I would rather pay that HUGE import fee then be part of UN like Sweden, heck they can even crack it up to double if they want to. FACTS aren’t what you think about a country as an individual, but facts are what is actually TRUE, not based on assumption. Put up a poll. Although I could write for days, I am going to only dedicate this much time as I think we all kinda fell prey to a troll, and this is as much I will feed it. Cheers.

  • Martin Knutsen

    The article is silly. But the Hitlervideo is fantastic, hats off 😀

    • Harald Baldr

      They both rock!

  • Bent Rune Hamsund

    I have read a bunch of crap lately. Well, there is some truth to all this. If you put everything to the edge, that is. It all depends on the eyes that is watching. I had a few laughs, but this is not faer from the truth. Norway isnt a police state, cause the police is nowhere to be seen if needed. They dont even show up if you call them. Unless you killed somebody that is.. And even then it takes them hours to show up LOL
    Thanks! I needed this today

    • Harald Baldr

      Any time 😉

    • Lars-Ahmed

      …”police state” …not police state ….read “between the lines” …jc dude ….

  • Erik Liverød

    this is bullshitt,i can be myself and i like that…

  • Erik Liverød

    policestat,yes we are…

  • StianSimonsen

    EMERGENCY FROM NORWAY.. been saying this for a while.. true story.


  • kaviar

    Great satire! You should keep up the work, this stuff is funny as hell!

  • Guy Ellis Hreinberg

    Excellent .

  • Former American

    As an American of scandi-descent, it’s entertaining to watch how mental some Norwegians get when their country is criticized. If you shit on America, I’ll point out all the things you forgot to mention.

  • Rocha

    Going to Sweden a couple years back shattered all the illusions I had of the existence of a perfect society up north. If Norway is more or less the same, then definitely you are right.

    • Harald Baldr

      Norway and Sweden are fighting over the top slot for most unlivable Western European country. Since I’m from Norway I’m inclined to believe Norway is the worst, I may be wrong

    • PeeWeeMadman

      But then again, was is the actual problem with Sweden then?

      • Rocha

        Apparently all the above mentioned, plus a much larger number of muslim migrants,
        white guilty complex, self-hatred and the associated self-destruction.
        On top of it, even an untrained eye like mine back then, noticed that people are rude, have bad manners, and act like brainwashed cyborgs.
        I was also amazed by the number of people living in the streets. Not even in 2nd world economies like Ukraine, Poland or Portugal, there is the same amount of homeless people.

        • PeeWeeMadman

          The number of muslim migrants have nothing to do with socialism as such. Sweden have the system as Finland, but Finland have very few muslims or immigrants in general compared to the rest of the western world.

          The rest you write, is either very subjective, or something about nobody else have seen like the large numbers of homeless people. Actually, I find being rude and have bad manners and being brainwashed kinda contradictory? Brainwashed people suppose to be servile, but being rude is not really a sign of being servile.

        • Pemba Sherpa

          the guilty complex, self-hatred and the rest of attributes you assign to the migrant population are a direct result of systematic and institutionalized racism in Sweden. For enjoying being that underprivileged, you do not need to be a Muslim in this country. Being a poor south-American, African, Asian (middle eastern) person is more than good enough.

          The institutionalized racism is not applied on basis of religious belonging but rather strictly on basis of wealth and racial origins. Now you do the math.

          Apart from that objection the rest of your observations sounds pretty damn accurate to me after spending 29+ years in this country. The opposite of what you say constitutes for being called a big fat fucking PR.

          The guilty complex and the rest of the shit you are mentioning about SOME of the migrants population here are perfectly normal psychological reactions and makes just as perfect sense as a little kid who is being abused by one of the parents and yet comes running to seek crying comfort from the very fucking abuser itself. This is how our shit works mr tough guy and you are much included yourself.

          ps. I meat with one German lady this summer 2015 traveling in north Sweden for holidays. One of her female Swedish acquaintances had obviously fed her with many fantastic stories about how well the retired people were taken care of here in Sweden.
          I dont think this German lady was fully convinced so she was just probably trying to validate this inforation. Man, I was fucking blushing just by listening to the bull shit this Swedish “lady” fed her “friend” with. It was an absolute fucking disgrace and also another reminder of nationalistic PR bull shit taking place in all levels in this country making it almost a norm.
          Obviously being a German wasnt good enough reason for this Swedish hag to consider her being entitled to knowing the truth. Does that tell you anything about how lesser of worth non European species might be treated here? Now, you might want to go easy on that self-hatred and white man complex ranter unless you have first hand experience from being exposed to a very unsupportive and condemning environment which denies to acknowledge your human worth. I am neither a human right activist nor a target but I do know shitloads about this situation which is why I am going to ask if you even can stay in their shoes for one whole day??? Well, can you? PANK? 🙂
          Actions Reactions.

  • Andrea Holst

    Wow. I really hope people understand that this is bullshit.
    80% taxes… wtf?

    • Harald Baldr

      Maybe you should read the article that section of the article links to before you spread lies. The TOTAL Tax burden are for many above 80%

  • Pemba Sherpa

    Why would you write an article about Sweden but its about Norway?

    It scares me to read some of the comments … the shit is happening before peoples eyes and they cant see it….. their fucking problem, I guess..

  • adelkarim bouchane

    Yes it is pollce stat endeed. I personaly experience it and said it før long time actualy before you. the result is. in 2013. the norwegian secret police PST has forced themselves in my apartement takes all my computures and arrested me for few hours in Tonsberg police statation. because I write meannning whish is facta and according to my peronal experience and critisize norwegian police. system and their politicians. and reported 2 of their police lawyers 1 district othorny and 2 Judges and they are. Arne Donald Andersen. Berit Johannessen. Jan Helge Palm, Jan Martin Flod and christofer Heffermehl. Norwegian they deffence their criminals stat employes for right and wrong and they tyrannize, criminalize and degrade anyone expose them. Norway is simply a dictatoriske country rolled by Police practicing Zionist ideology [ long therms plane ]

  • I have to watch his video first then I can make a response. I think this would be a good youtube video. Don’t have time to do it this week though but thanks for the question. I’ll get to it later this month

  • Brianmark

    A friend just got back from Norway. She said it was 4 times more expensive than the USA? Is this true? How do you see the prices between the two countries?

    • Well it was much more than 4 times more expensive just a year and a half ago. Our currency has lost a lot against the Dollar since then. If you Americans continue to elect high tax leftist governments who raise the cost of living by introducing new taxes, regulations and maybe one day a national sales tax (which accounts for at least 1/3 of the high prices in Norway) America will start to catch up. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

  • herr_X

    The brainwashing, as implied by both #1 and #8 is the worst of them all. Kills all healthy debate, and will leave Norway in a very bad state after the oil is gone (By the way Norway hates the oil business too, so we will speed up that process).

  • Peter Veldman

    Ha!!! if you think that about Norway…please do NOT ever go and live in Germany…its probably worse!!!! TotalPolicestate. Furthermore I think you are spot on about Norway…Sweden is about the same level. White men need to PAY for everything. Women have it all…and with so many young (muslim) guys coing in…well goodnight…and welcome in Pussy prison. 🙁 Great Blog my friend…!!

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