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  1. esolesek

    I thought this was a blog where guys talk about picking up women. You a chub lubber?

  2. esolesek

    Thanks. There are guys far wiser than me. The wisest people are the ones with the emotional discipline to act how they think they should act. Then again, being an emotional robot is essentially being a pro manipulator, and that’s not who I want to be either. Unfortunately, great pussy is a whole lot of fun, and there are techniques to get and keep it. Too bad, a lot of cute women really suck, but no more than ugly women I think. The main difference is that cute women are constantly having new opportunities come their way, so you have to stay the best option, and that can feel like work, but you have to work wisely, not like a slave.

    At the same time, NOT chasing it and chasing success is at least a bigger piece, if not the biggest piece of the puzzle.

  3. esolesek

    No worse than American women, in my experience. At least they’re open to screwing, unlike many other cultures. Also, they’re healthy, and educated. A lot of American women are religious, raised poor and desperate which can make them pro whores early, and badly educated.

  4. esolesek

    If I was to go to Sweden for women, I would avoid Stockholm and hit a second-tier town. Scan Tinder for whichever towns seem to have the hottest women. Any pick-up guy knows that it’s a lottery where you find hot women, though you won’t find them on an oil rig or fishing boat. You need a decent population center, preferably with a school. Sweden isn’t like the USA. It’s mostly well-off. There are only 6 million of them anyway.


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