The world believes Swedish girls are the hottest thing since sliced bread. As you’re about to see, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Over the past year I’ve had the misfortune of visiting Stockholm 3 times. Here’s what I uncovered.


6. The myth of the Swedish bikini team


There are bikini models in Sweden, but they are far and few in between. The myth of their ubiquity traces its origins back to an American beer commercial from 1991. Pandering to the traditional stereotype of tall blonde Nordic beauties the team became wildly popular, even making appearances on TV shows like Married With Children. The myth has since been perpetuated by reincarnations in pop culture films like Dumb & Dumber and Beerfest.

For some reason people still believe what they see in movies and that Svenska flickor are hot. They’re not!


5. They’re overweight

The women you see in the cover photo do indeed exist, but are rarely seen on the streets of Stockholm and Gothenburg. The truth is that most Swedish women are quite large. They’re not morbidly obese like the average American, nor super skinny and modelesque like the Russians. They’re stuck in between.

Through empirical observations I estimate roughly 8 in 10 have a weight problem

And no, we’re not talking of the anorexic kind. There’s nothing wrong with that, other than the fact that;

A) it’s damn unhealthy
B) their reputation is that of superior beauty
C) it makes them very unattractive
D) if they had any self-respect they’d go on a diet

Instead of eating less prinsesstårta and cupcakes like they should, they channel their remaining energy towards men.


4. The world’s worst Sweminists!

Swedish women hate men with a passion. So much so that they’re not only the most evil feminists on the planet. They’ve evolved into a new more delusional and dangerous kind called Sweminist. This militant strain are no longer content simply elevating women above men. They want men gone! How else can one explain why they’re keeping one of the world’s greatest freedom fighters (Julian Assange) in jail in the Ecuadorian embassy in London on account of him being male, horny and capable of banging the same woman more than twice in one night. Talk about hatred! Sadly it doesn’t end there. Swedish feminists have also publicly announced that:

Men, by law, have even become 2nd class citizens. Still unconvinced? Let me introduce the Swedish superior sex’s most vicious anti-male crusader. The leader of a political party voted into the European Parliament in Brussels last year. Gudrun Schyman from Feministisk Initiativ is a full time believer in the ridiculous myth that women earn less than men.

This alone is bonafide proof of being a lower life form. To advertise this joke of an assertion, and in celebration of her own stupidity, she once burnt US $13 000 in cash at a public protest.

As a parliamentarian in 2003, she also proposed a men’s tax (mansskatt), to atone for all the violence men perpetrate against women

No, Swedish women aren’t dumb because this particular individual belongs in an institution. They are fools because a sizable proportion actually vote for this woman. Please remember this before you approach them. Worst case scenario you end up like Assange, alive but in jail. Best case you get scolded for standing when you pee or told how to sit on the bus. I fail to see any upside.



3. They hate themselves 

Mona Sahlin, a former leader of the Social Democrat Party is a prime example of this unhealthy self-loathing. Years prior to (!) becoming the leader of the then parliamentary opposition party, she lamented in an interview how she had no idea what Swedish culture was and that the country was dorky.

This is why we are so jealous of foreigners as you have a history & identity

Again what one woman think and does is not proof of anything. But remember the fact that she went on to become the leader of the country’s second biggest party with (!) said quote to her name, and you can most definitely see how the women who voted for her hate themselves. But wait, there’s more.

In late 2014, prime Minister Frederick Reinfeldt stated that everything ancient Swedish was pure barbarism and all progress have come from abroad. In another interview he claimed Sweden is not a country owned by people who’ve been there for generations but instead belonged to whomever moves there. Before someone can love you they must love themselves. Since by voting for such characters, Swedes prove they clearly don’t, avoid them.

PS! Swedish women statistically have a higher voter turnout than men, making them the guiltiest part.



2. Politically correct entitled queens

Swedish women have zero opinions of their own. When asked a question they will simply regurgitate the government’s pre-approved correct facts. Talking to them is akin to meowing at your cat. You know you’ll get nothing but a meaningless, albeit in the case of the kitten, cute meow back. This video from Time Magazine is a perfect case in point. In it, women (and some confused men) Feminist Initiative's election night partychant with religious zealotry:

Out with the racists, in with the feminists

As if Sweden, the most anti-racist multicultural society on earth, is somehow run by, or is full of, racists! Shockingly, most Swedish women I’ve encountered espouse similar views. Raise taxes, work less, more welfare, less racism, less sexism and more special privileges for women are just some of their blissfully ignorant demands.

They truly believe they are part of a downtrodden social class that lives in a country where everyone conspire to keep them down. To any impartial observer this is an obvious lie. An Iranian-Swedish student of mine once pointed out that the opposite is in fact obviously true. Sadly then I cannot but conclude that the mental illness of political correctness in tjejor from Sweoland have reached epic proportions.



1. She will turn YOU into a male feminist

If you didn’t click on any of the hyperlinks thus far, I urge you to click on the next one. It’s truly hilarious, unless of course you’re:

  1. Swedish
  2. Male

The Modern Swedish Man is a Feminist…

…runs the headline of an article published on the website of Sweden’s embassy in New York. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. The rational male would be wise to embrace the fantasy of the fictional bikini model but avoid real Swedish girls.

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  • You know, back in Cyprus this summer there were quite a few scandinavian tourists, I’m sure you also saw a lot of them. I was definitely disappointed with the quality of the women as they were usually a bit chubby to say the least. It’s really a shame since you can tell many of them are naturally very pretty. Occasionally, I’d even see a few stunners, the top quality scandinavian girls are on par with the Russians/Ukrainians. Can’t fix the feminazi ideals with a diet though.

    • Harald Baldr

      Yes, the creme de la creme can compete with Eastern bloc in the looks department. But that’s 1 in 50 at best. I really wonder what it was like 100 years ago. Scandinavia may have been akin to what Eastern Europe is today.

      • Steve ‘Retribution’ Graham

        Back in 1984, the Swedish girls were absolutely awesome in Cyprus. If I am not mistaken, the Swedish government flew them over for free to help the Swedcon boys make it through their 6 month UN tour of duty. It helped me make it through my tour!

        • JohnnyQuest

          Maybe they were chicks with dicks?

    • D_elt

      In was in Kos (Greece) a couple of years ago, lots of Scandinavian tourists. Swedish women were actually fine, the % of chubby women was higher among e. g. British women. It was really funny though to watch Swedish men trying to hook up with *any* girl *but* from Sweden. Maybe afraid?

  • PeteyBrian

    I’ve never been to Europe or Sweden – so I’ll depend on Baldr’s and others view until I see for myself.

    A wealthy trust fund American friend of mine (young, handsome guy, whose dad founded one of the largest pizza chains in the USA) – who like me, was also very much into blondes. He went to school in LA, California – which attracts a high number of blondes for the warm beaches, lifestyle, and Hollywood – and his tall, fit blonde girlfriend looked as hot as any LA actress or model.

    He traveled to many countries throughout the world for over 1 year as his masters degree present to himself. His take? Eastern Europeans were uber hot – but that in Sweden, he said there were beautiful Blondes EVERYWHERE.

    His statement stuck with me for over 15 years, although I never ventured there from America! Lol.

    • Harald Baldr

      Your friend most likely spoke the truth as compared to Americans, Swedish women aren’t very large at all. It’s their feminazi mindset that’s the main problem.

      • Sheila C

        I am filipina who lives in sweden. Living in stockholm for 10 yrs. When im in tåg going to city there is bunch of beautiful blondes around. I still think that swedish wöman are highly fashionable and trendy.It really depends where you are also. But walk around the heart of the city where the hip, ,youngsters and fashionista are out. Dont expect you will luckily spot them on ica or normal street. I also think that a womans peak is when they are 16-25. After that its very easy to pack some kgs and more harder to loose a younger swedish looks really good while a mid 30 looks bulky or older esp they are tall so could really look like an amazon girl.

    • Rocha

      In 15 years a lot of things change. There is not so many blondes in Sweden as one should expect.
      Some dye their hair in black in order to not attract muslim violence, and 25% of Stockholm has foreign background, mainly from arab and or muslim countries. Note that the in the recent years immigrants are beeing sheltered outside the capital, and Malmoe the second city is a “no-go” zone for police, so the percentage of this people is much higher than in the Stockholm.

      • Rick Starr

        Malmö has a no go area for police really?
        Where I lived in malmö 2 years ago, where was the no go area exactly? ?
        And girls dying their hair to ward off muslim violence? Your speaking out of your arse, have you ever even been here?

        • Rocha

          Fortunately never in Malmoe, but yes I was in Sweden, Stockholm.

          Just google “Malmo no go zones”, or “swedish girls dying hair”. And seems yes, you are definitely speaking out of your arse. Go to Sharia land if you liked it so much.

          • Rick Starr

            That’s the 3rd time you misspelled malmö. You are obviously paying attention!
            Where is this magical sharia land? Is it in malmö too? Can I find it by using some of the fact based websites (blogs, tabloid newspapers,paranoid extremists rants, etc) that your Google search suggests.
            Do you often get your facts by skimming a few articles on google news? Maybe a bit of fox news on the side? You sound well informed sir!

            Interesting that I challenged your post (garbage) and you automatically assume I would like to move to where? Sharia land or shariasbastan or shariastan whatever, why would you think that? Because anybody that challenges what the (your) media says is some sort of ???what, muslim convert, muslim, radical leftist etc.

            You wrote like somebody that watches fox, cnn or Shaun Hanity (very reactionist), as in I wasn’t defending any particular group or religion and your line was basically “go back home or go live with the savages”.

            Not to insult you again, bit I think your wrong. I think your statements were miss-guided and wrong and you don’t know what your talking about.

            Hej då

          • Rocha

            That is the kind of little girl crybaby attitude that will get you raped in Malmoe.

          • Rick Starr

            Says the guy that’s too pussy to go down to malmö!
            Hahahahaha go get your mangina pounded in a San Francisco leather club you faggot.

          • Harald Baldr

            For someone who complains about how other people spell, you sure have a way with words:

            Please tell me who Shaun Hanity (lmfao) is? Plus what is a reactionist (lol)?

          • Leonard Andersson

            I live just outside of Malmö and spend a lot of time there. That is total bullshit. I’m just saying without ant political agenda or opinion.

  • Jakub Kolowiecki

    You nail it bro.All your observations are spot on about Swedish, Polish and Asian chicks(in your other posts).

    • Harald Baldr

      That’s great to hear 😉

  • Sweden is Saudi Arabia of feminism ~Julian Assange

    • There’s no arguing against that

      • Jitesh Mehra

        Bwahaha. Typical snowflake American man spreading lies because he is intimidated by feminism. Awww poor you. Can imagine how ‘tough’ life has become for you. DOn’t worry no woman wants to date you a fats prick head spoilt male child like you…you will die alone. Wimp.

    • lautaroarcturus

      Julián asange Is accused of rape, he run away from justice, if he is not guilty he should back, right?

      • JohnnyQuest

        Accused of rape because he revealed the wrongs of the American Democrapic Party, AKA Hillary Clinton.. Anthony Weiner showed the wongs of his same political party. Those criminals will accuse anyone with falsehoods when the chips are down for them.

        • lautaroarcturus

          Accused of rape for having sex with a drunk girl. Sweden have free of speech, you can say wherever you want in here.

          • billybongo

            The US government under Obama was vigilant in trying everything they could to stop Assange of revealing the truth, including false accusations. Lauta, you don’t know how evil the US government can be, when they had a diabolical man trying to act as a liberal president. Can’t you understand?! Guess you cannot, you’re are not a US citizen.

      • Oklkkk

        So you blindly believe in the Swedish justice system? Good for you.

    • Jitesh Mehra

      Awww…fragile men giving false comparisons to fulfil their propaganda against feminism…lesser men like you get intimidated by it….any kind of women would be happy not to date dickheads like you….why don’t you turn gay..and try not going out on the streets for a month before you compare Sweden to Saudi Arabia. Dumb, ignorant entitled American menasses,

  • esolesek

    In the late 90s, I went through SCandinavia. I did date a swedish girl who visited the USA, and her sister was so hott, I pretty much irritated the first one trying to get at here at a later time. Still, when I went to Europe and Scandinavia in the 90s, I have to say that I wasn’t that blown away by Swedish women. I’m not going to say my personal hot capital, because I don’t want it exposed, but it wasn’t Sweden. Finland’s pretty hot, though more brunette, but generally fit. The Baltics had loads of hot women, and just showing a passport used to get you a date, but those days are gone. A third of Latvia has left to Europe and the UK, and either married, or deal their hot looks for money. The Baltics are done unless you have an inside track.

    I hate to say it, but honestly, picking a career that exposes you to lots of women, like showbiz, being a DJ etc, is more likely to score you hot women, than going anywhere in particular. One of the hottest blondes I just missed was a Swiss friend of a chunky brunette I met. I met a hot Italian in Spain once, but could not raise ANY Spanish women, at least on Tenerife, because their all local island women, and bang their own guys. I will say that by far the most I ever got laid was in the good ole USA.

    Like I said, though, focus on process, mass access (like being an actor or musician with a real money job on the side). Photographer is not as good as it used to be. Make friends with lots of women. You never know which one will have the hot single friend, and your inside access may help (or harm) you when you drop the average one, but, still, women love to fight over a guy.

    I just don’t believe there are any shangrilas left. Too bad, I bet Moscow and Riga in 1995 were something else. Then again, online chat in the USA in the late 90s was AWESOME!!!!

    • Daniel Burke

      Oh, do shut up with your tales of “hot”. We’re not interested.

      • JohnnyQuest

        Jealous that you can only pick up a chick with dick?

  • Mac Phil

    wHY WOULD THEY HATE THEMSELVES? it doesnt mean that they dont have a very popular history to tell but if they dont have. why wont they make one today? if they want difference they should tell it with corresponding action. all things are done because they act on it not just talk shit and make their country a blameworthy subject.

    • Daniel Burke

      Because Leftism is a mental illness.

  • Alex

    Any word on Denmark and Danish women? It seems like Denmark is the best of the three.

    • Danish women are awesome!

      • Alex

        I’d be interested in hearing what you have to say about them then.

  • Adam Mable

    Swedish girls are the collection of moral deficencies. Avoid them at any cost.

  • Joseph

    Just stumbled upon this article and I thought it was totally spot on and accurate. Great job! Any comments and observations on German women? I’m currently working in Frankfurt and wondering if I should hit the clubs here and give it a shot.

  • Dale Toney

    so they’re feminist. I’m just fine with that if they’re hot.

    • Roger Abbit

      No such thing.

  • Mudkippp

    this has to be the most butthurt narrow sighted thing i’ve seen on the internet all week

    • Daniel Burke

      And yet you cannot counter any of what he said with facts.

  • Daniel Burke

    And when a real racist and fascist ideology comes along (Islam), they ally with it and make excuses for it. leftism is a mental disease.

  • Nitu Jatt

    Muslim use my horroscope which was not written good by a pandit of hanuman ji

  • lautaroarcturus

    This article is completely stupid, probably you visit sthlm and you couldn’t score because you are disgusting, you misogynistic asshole. Swedish girls are free and don’t give a damn of stupid egocentric freaks, probably for this you didn’t fit. If you don’t know how to behave in the public transportation of course someone could tell you, but swedish people don’t like confrontation, so, you probably really pissed​them off.
    I’m not swedish, but I do live in sthlm. You don’t know a shit.
    Sweden have a feminist party, and if this bother you don’t come.
    Politically correct entitled queens. This is not true, i don’t believe that you came here. People is open to say what they think and to have a discussion of ideas, Sweden have free of speech, so you can say anything you want.
    Swedish women don’t hate men, this is bullshit. Maybe everybody hates you

  • lautaroarcturus

    Now that I Google you I get why. You came with the pick up trust line up and didn’t work. Sorry kid. This country is for alfas

  • lautaroarcturus

    So, if someone don’t agree with the author this dude erase the comment. You lose

  • killmee hiss

    This article gave me canceraids

  • Morrison

    “Swedish women hate men”

    I could be wrong, but I suspect that they simply hate white men. Swedish females, much like their German counterparts, have no trouble mudsharking with the muslime migrant insurgents being brought into their (soon to be extinct) country.

  • Дэвид Алекс Тимошенко

    Is this all true? i’m so surprised. i always imagined Swedish woman to be angels… This really sucks to be honest

  • David Muñoz

    I meet a swedish girl and I lived with her for one month and a bit more in australia, she was the most beautiful angel I have ever seen moreover she was inspirational and she was all you could ask for in the streets and sheets. you all are a bunch of losers for being criticizing any woman.

  • Oklkkk

    This article cant really be taken seriously but I hear you and I totally agree anyhow. As a Swedish guy that has a history of fucking a lot of women I can tell you Swedish women can be great and I have found the love of my life thats Swedish but dating and later having sex with (including talking about everything) women from United states, Germany, Austria, Danmark, Great britain, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Holland, Ireland, Mexico and Uruguay way always arelief for me as I could always “cut the crap” and get to an honest healthier direct communication in an instant.

  • Emma

    hahah nothing of this is right. I live in sweden, I am a swedish girl. I know how it is here and nothing of it is correct.

  • Sara

    I’m a Swedish female raised in Sweden, and I admit that most of this is very common… But it really doesn’t apply to everyone! I love my country, and it’s people, so I guess I fit in pretty well here, however I’m not a feminist, I’m not happy about all the immigrants coming in, and I’m not fat. Also, after visiting America this summer I must say that Swedes looking unhealthy is bullshit. None of these things apply to me, and I’m very Swedish, I know other Swedish young women who don’t fit these stuff either.. Most do, but not all. Please don’t read this article and think that every Swedish woman is that way 🙁

    • Roger Abbit

      Admit it, you’re chubby. 😂

      • Sara

        ARE YOU FAT SHAMING ME YOU SCUM? Kidding. Im not.

        • Roger Abbit

          Haha…. Good. Nobody likes a fatty. I know by experience 😢

        • Roger Abbit

          I like some chub. 😉

  • Rick

    You have to consider the foundation, the teenage years are very different than America. The US is the worst when it comes to these years. Both Sweden and The Netherlands think sex is a natural part of a person’s development, so much so that they are allowed to do it in their bedrooms. Netherlands is too harsh when people step outside of norms, getting really nasty with people that do casual sex. Sweden embraces casual sex at or before the start of gymnasium (high school), it makes it the tradition. Swedish girls are taught not to be in a relationship, and that they need to enjoy their freedom while they can without the constraints of love, and that this will get it out of their system for later, but it often makes them this way. Sweden has the highest abortion rate in Western Europe. The Netherlands is the second lowest, while being tied for the same teen birth rate of Sweden, so you can see which works better. Anyway this exotic lifestyle leads to a woman who is often not a good fit for the average American. Americans cling to each other for survival, Swedes get many things for free and are taught little benefit to relationships. Swedes like a quick Fika (KK-förhållande) here and there.
    Vad hände med denna amerikan? Han vet mycket mer än genomsnittet, men ändå ställer han fortfarande samma idiot galen twist på allt. Han använder också google translate.

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