• mick

    I wish to argue your point…Now where should I start……Uuuuuummm.,…….Nope I got nothing……..Asia and Eastern Europe; Where women are still women…….and men are still allowed to be men.

    • Harald Baldr


  • PeeWeeMadman

    It seems to me that you prefer women that are very much like young boys! Maybe you are a closet homosexual?

    • David Triana

      You still trolling? LOL!

      • PeeWeeMadman

        No, not this time, I really think that people that love anorexic women really are closet homos.

        • sandre

          A bmi between 18.5-25 is NOT anorexic.

    • Stu

      Small, petite, submissive? Or maybe he prefers girls that are like (gasp!)…girls (the weaker sex)! Perhaps you prefer women who are all big, large, thick, and muscled up who look like…(gasp!) …men! Have fun trimming your missus’ beard during that piggyback ride she (he) gives you, you closet homo, you.

      • PeeWeeMadman

        There is a difference between masturbating and tearing your cock off.

  • Jack

    Which country have the most beautiful women, Ukraine or Belarus? And in beauty, I’m referring to outer and inner beauty

    • Harald Baldr

      Belorussians on account of being skinnier

      • Jack

        That’s amazing to hear. I thought the Ukranian girls were the most skinny in the world after visiting there. There was definitely not many “big” girls, except those babushka’s who are plus 40+.
        The young Belarusian girls most be quite skinny then?

        • Harald Baldr

          yes they are. Check the Minsk video I made and you will see 😉

          • Jack

            Thanks for the tip, I checked it, they are indeed beautiful.

        • Orionas

          No Ukrainians are…! Especially in the regions …! Have been working and moving around constantly for work in all the CIS region…!

  • falcao

    EE girls are also very romantic and superstitious, atleast the ones i’ve met whilst living in Paris. Western girls, specifically Americans and English girls have lost those qualities to their smartphones and reality TV. I’ve had more interesting conversations with a chimpansee i met in Thailand than with American girls.

    French girls are still good though, the best of Western Europe. The competition in France however is very high, the highest out of everywhere i’ve been. I rate it on par with Italy and Argentina. French guys are good looking and have natural game so you need to perform at your maximum. Luckily for foreigners, French girls give it up easy and often say they are tired of French guys because we are too self obsessed and cheaters, so you might have a shot there.

    I should really stop reading these sites though because reading these articles makes me want to be everywhere at once and it makes it difficult to pick a destination haha.

    I’m probably not going to SE Asia atleast for the next couple of years so i’m going to pick a spot in Europe for the time being.

    Due to my more ‘suave’ looks and direct style of game i’ve always done very well with Scandinavian girls, both in France and whilst travelling so my instinct is telling me to go there, despite the high cost of living. Higher level women seem to be more accessible there than anywhere else.

    Poland is another option and it’s cheaper there.

    Do you know anything about Finland ? I have a good freelance writing opportunity there but they will only hire me if i am present in the country, it would be nice to have that stability for a while.

    I’ve heard the girls are pretty and easy for a foreigner like me but i’ve never met a Finnish girl.

    • Harald Baldr

      One of my best friends are from Helsinki. From what he’s said the stereotype is true, get mad drunk and see what happens. I’ve only been there once for two days and yes, they’re pretty and blonde. It’s 14 years ago though and the place didn’t make much of an impression on me. Finns are very cold in terms of mannerisms.

      Damn straight it’s hard to pick just one country when you start reading about the world 😉 Let me know when you find a solution

  • Vorkuta

    And clean muffs that are well trimmed. I have banged some ropey looking chicks over there yet every one had a pristine muff free of odour or disease ( that’s what my test results say anyway ). Compare that to western muff which look like doner kebabs with loose lips hanging down – ew.
    Western muff 0
    Eastern muff 1

    • Harald Baldr


      Word! that makes it a clean 7 – 0 victory then. Looking like Germany – Brazil world cup semi-final all over again

  • Thomas

    You definitely made some Interesting points! I dated a couple of Eastern European girls (some long term) and in general I have to admit I really liked all of them. EE girls often take pride in their appearance, are realistic about life, hardly ever nag and are far from lazy. However, I feel compelled to say that I am not a big fan of some of the cultural differences between the East (countries of the former Soviet Union) and the West. Lots of people in former Soviet space have a serious lack of manners (due to the ‘survival of the fittest’ environment people grow up in I guess) and lack a general sense of reasoning when compared to Western-Europeans. I find the last point particularly annoying at times. A scary number of highly educated people in Russia believe in conspiracy theories, are superstitious and are convinced homosexuality is a disease. I am not blaming them. I just find the mindset unappealing. You can’t have it all.

    • Harald Baldr

      You’re right, I agree with your points on manners, especially when walking around in public. If you’re on collision course with someone and you don’t move, you will bump into each-other.

    • Christian Arthur Fata

      I completely agree with most of what was said especially the fact that they are often blunt about what they would like to convey, in a manner of speaking which lacks the use of euphemisms.I am currently working in Bulgaria and as much as Bulgarian women take pride in their appearance that becomes the center of attention for them, however on the other hand one must also weigh the value of being pretty and uncouth as compared to having a generally pretty physical and average appearance as most Western women who have been brought up with good values and who are generally speaking, well rounded and open minded individuals who can fit into numerous countries well, without feeling inappropriate there.

  • JonE

    This is so true. Been involved with some eastern european women, and you’re bang on it with every point. Couldn’t agree more. (Swedish girls are like Norwegian, spoiled, overweight feminists)

  • Alice

    Definitely an idealized portrayal. What was not mentioned was the shallowness and neuroses that accompany the self-destructive behaviors that are necessary to conform to the imagery above. I was born in Eastern Europe, and I can honestly assert that in order to conform to an intense pressure to be a sex object, most of the women I knew resorted to, best case scenario anorexia, worst case scenario bulimia. At first you might think, so what – but, unfortunately you cannot really starve the brain without eventual psychological problems (huge emotional mood swings, inability to express anger or confrontation in a mature, respectful way, etc. etc.). Additionally, while you might consider it feminine, there is a culture at least in Eastern Europe itself of women dressing extremely revealingly; if this is your thing, great, but, can you imagine your wife going around in front of your kids dressed like a stripper (by Western standards)? This brings us to the final point; a woman who adheres to the attention-seeking, “modelling” culture of that region may not be the best person to eventually lovingly raise a child, simply because she is fighting her own demons, insecurities, and is constantly in a nutrient deficient state. As you can quickly tell from visiting such countries, there’s a lot of corruption there – not a lot of spirit of effective and constructive cooperation between people, very scarce altruistic sentiment, and almost no religion to speak of that is not steeped in corruption. In time, the sex object you invested in will inevitably become, as all women do, an ugly, old sex object; with a lot of baggage. In my opinion, though I was not born and raised one, Western women have the advantage of being sincere partners in it for the long term – perhaps not all American women to be sure, but, definitely a lot of Nordic women. Look at the amazing cultures they have built, and the way they invest in their families historically. Just my opinion.

    • Orionas

      You are not talking about Belarus, Russia I presume…! The Western female Marketing vs the Beauty and femininity of mainly the USSR wonen (there is a big difference in everything between central Eastern Europe and Russia/Belarus and even Ukraine) has to maintain the wall and stereotypes…! In Southern Europe women raised to be gold diggers even without a real cause… in South Europe femininity and family is dying! Married with Russian… Proud of it and living together a happy and balanced humble family life…! My fellow Europeans from Italy, Spain, France, Greece go on. Keep calm and … stay calm in life with a Russian…!

  • BariMor Wild

    Harald, I’m wondering you are coming to live in our beautiful country, Belarus for longer and becoming valuable asset to our Slavic culture and lifestyle.

    • It’s impossible due to visa restrictions 🙁

      • BariMor Wild

        it is correct, but fictious marriage has’n been abolished yet unless it’s not an opt. On the other hand you will have spend 183 days in the country after becoming a resident. It could be quite boring for a nomad.

  • Orionas

    Truth hearts…western females…! Among all on the throne…Russian beauty, femininity, logic and education…with manners…!

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