5. You’re a consumer!

Reading this you’re consuming my product. Sure it’s free but that’s besides the point. You could be creating something of your own. Instead you’re here consuming what I’ve made. Watching TV, the same principle applies. You’re improving someone else’s life, i.e. everyone involved in making the show. They all got paid for their involvement, with both money and increased brand recognition. You pay for that with your time.

The average film runs for 90 minutes. Even the shittiest jobs make you around $10-20 bucks in an hour and a half. That’s cold hard cash you could add to your savings and invest. When scaled over hundreds of hours it will make a real difference in your life. Instead you’re a consumption addict. Sadly you’re not alone. The people who hail the latest season of Homeland or True Detective share your misery with nothing new or exciting ever happening in their lives. They know it, but consuming and complaining is easier than producing.

People prefer the path of least resistance. It’s human nature.

A good friend of mine in California is choosing unemployment as he says he doesn’t want to make somebody else rich. That’s how he justifies his addiction to the zero sum game of consuming. He’s obviously wrong. Production is not a zero sum game. It’s win win. Consumption, i.e. staying home, is lose lose. The world is full of people like him. I’ve been there myself. Luckily I’m always able to snap out of it. Here’s how:


3 years ago I started playing a mindless computer game called Battle Pirates on Facebook. I stayed glued to the screen up to 10 hours a day. Sometimes more. I had time to spare I figured so why not? It started as a time waster on a holiday in the Philippines. There were no parties in Subic during the day. Soon enough I was sucked into the daily habit of consuming the game. I must’ve wasted months cumulatively playing. I stopped when I started this blog and haven’t played since.

Starting something else is the only way to quit. Were it not for this site, I’m dead certain I’d still waste half the day playing. Running a blog is production and potentially financially rewarding. Computer games are consumption and will always incur a loss (unless you turn it into production by blogging or YouTubing about it).

To snap out of one’s harmful consumption pattern one must simply become preoccupied with something that falls into the production category.

It could be a traditional job, an online venture, a podcast or even working for free. Simply saying I’ll stop isn’t enough. You will fall back instantly as consuming boredom and idleness are not viable alternatives. Find something you’re good at or interested in but know nothing about and get to it. That’s how 100% of successful people started.



4. Girls don’t f*ck you!

Getting laid, contrary to popular belief, is a full time job. At least for men. Women have no idea how difficult it is and simply don’t appreciate the hoops we must jump through to score muff. It’s damn hard work and not very fun. At least that’s how it has always been for me. When I lived in Australia I went four months without sex once as the amount of work I had to put in didn’t seem worth it. Deep down I also knew that even with serious work, I’d probably fail.

When I lived in Asia this was never an issue. Hence my lack of conscious game. Elsewhere on planet earth, this is a problem, as women simply don’t throw themselves in your lap. Moving back to Europe last December, after 14 years in other continents, the choice was thus quite simple. Either:

A) learn to court European women, or

B) sign up for Brazzers

After an action filled month on Brazzers, I set about at the tender age of 33 (yeah I know) to enamor myself with the opposite sex on my home turf without the artificial and temporary confidence booster that is alcohol. I wanted to learn how this really works which is easier said than done when you have zero charisma, zero small talk skills, zero in common with women and have ALWAYS relied on alcohol in the past.

I’ll reveal the results before the solution.

Over the past 12 months I dated a 19 year old catwalk model. I also got acquainted with a nude model who’s graced the cover of FHM. I’m still friends with both of them. Neither banged me, as I gave myself less than a week to accomplish said task, but it was the boost I needed. They were stepping stones necessary in order to hang around women sober and learn how to just almost bore them to death rather than actually kill them with boredom.

I spent the whole winter with a 19 year old girlfriend, an intern at parliament. I’m certain she’ll make prime minister of her country some day. Seeing her on TV surrounded by MPs during a lighthearted segment about the hottest legs in the building, knowing she was coming home to me, I realized the sky was the limit. I ended the relationship prematurely a month later. I regret it sometimes, but I was curious as to where I could take this sober dating thing.

I had zero success in some countries. In others I banged the first woman I spoke to like the 22 year old bartender in Latvia and the 24 year old bureaucrat from the finance ministry in Estonia. The latter wasn’t particularly good looking. Too be honest she was a real train-wreck I feel great shame about even today. Still, everything is a learning experience and you need a couple of shockers to appreciate the diamonds. Fast forward to December 2015 and I’m at ski resort with a girl of such high calibre that I feel no need or lust to move on and travel for the foreseeable future. So what changed?TO READ ON SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A PATREON.

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