Debating Scandinavian socialists, British Labour voters or American Democrats is about as intellectually stimulating as watching camels urinate. If you do however find yourself verbally assaulted by one them, here are 10 expressions they are fond of (mis)using. You must rebuke each in order to expose their deficient brain capacity for the world to ridicule.


10. That’s illegal

Most frequently used by people who confuse morality for the law. The two have nothing in common. Nor is making that statement akin to crafting an argument. Putting people in ovens was once legal in Germany. That didn’t make it just, moral or right! Ask them; if everyone votes for a law saying X must die, does X deserve death? That’s right, I didn’t think so!


9. That’s offensive

People who say this have zero arguments and think they can win by labeling you. Counter with a ridiculous meaningless label of your own such as; that’s orange juice, to show them how dumb they are.


8. That’s sexist

Used mainly by women and confused men to argue for special privileges for women at men’s expense. In essence¬†they’re throwing what they themselves are at you. Don’t fall for it and demand a real argument instead.


7. That’s racist

People who say this are against all freedom of choice. They’re mini dictators who seek to control everyone’s minds. If you want an Asian in you rental apartment instead of an Arab, that’s not racism. It’s simply you exercising your right to choose based on a personal preference. Nothing racist about that. Explain to them what real racism is and watch them crumble.


6. That’s a generalization

Used by people who think that no conclusion can be drawn about anything ever, no matter how big a majority fits the mould, in an attempt to negate things that are generally true. Ask them if sugar is sweet or is it just a generalization? They won’t be able to answer, leaving you victorious.


5. That’s just one person

Often used by the same people to once again obfuscate facts or inconvenient information from brave whistleblowers or people who blow the cover on major corruption in government. Such arguments excuse evil behavior and should not be respected. Explain how said information is but a mere indicator of what may be a hidden iceberg and cannot be written off with a shrug of the shoulders.


4. That’s stupid

Used by people who are at a kindergarten level intellectually speaking and can’t string together a coherent thought. These people are a danger to their surroundings as well as their own well-being. Push for a real argument rather than a label. They likely won’t have one and must concede defeat.


3. That’s just wrong

Don’t fall for it unless instantly followed up by …because. This is a personal favorite of people who’ve never read a book throughout their whole lives, yet think they know everything. Said corruptocrats operate based on feelings rather than facts. Feelings don’t belong in rational debates. Demand a serious explanation.


2. That’s ignorant

Used by people to insinuate that you are a racist ignoramus with a lower IQ than them. It’s not an argument however and doesn’t prove anything. What’s ignorant is labeling something ignorant simply because you can’t argue against it yet won’t concede defeat.


1. You can’t be serious

People who say this wants to make your facts sound extreme by expressing shock over what you just argued. It’s not however a counter argument, should not be respected and must be followed up with am unequivocal: Yes I am!



Anyone who utters any of the above are void of critical thinking skills, base their whole existence on feelings and are consequently extremely poor irrational decision makers. Sadly their numbers seem to grow year by year. I conjecture it’s due to the fact that few dare challenge them for fear of being labelled with one or more of the sayings I’ve just described.

This is the wrong approach. Critique, verbally annihilate and confront said people until they go home completely crushed over the realization their words and default debate expressions aren’t facts. Only then will we begin to hear less and less of these Bernie Sanders worshipping stooge’s nonsense.


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